Local, organic, seasonal. Inspired by flavours of Mexico.


Breakfast & Lunch

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—  Breakfast & lunch  —

[ 8:00am to 4:00pm ]




Corn ships tossed in an adobo sauce (ancho & guajillo peppers), organic black beans, 2 eggs over-easy, cheddar, served with cool hand slaw & roasted potatoes.

Add: Slices of avocado   $2

2 scrambled free-range eggs, organic multi-grain toast, served with cool hand slaw & roasted potatoes with a side of our homemade hot sauce.

2 over-easy free-range eggs, organic cheddar, tomato & vegenaise, served with cool hand slaw or roasted potatoes.

Sandwich only $9

Add: Italian chicken sausage   $6
Double smoked Mennonite bacon   $5
Substitutions: green salad   $2
Gluten free bread   $2

Granola (oats/almonds/sunflower sees/quinoa/dried cranberries/toasted coconut), Liberté yogurt, fresh fruit and real maple syrup.



Finely cut cabbage, cucumber, parsley, seasonal greens, toasted organic pumpkin seeds, grated beet, toasted almonds & avocado, in an apple cider curry/honey/mustard house dressing, served with roasted garlic crostini

Daily soups
Served with roasted garlic crostini, vegan or chicken stock

bowl    $6.50    |    cup    $5

Daily specials

Please ask your server for daily specials.


Side of cool hand slaw   $6
Side of green salad   $7
Roasted potatoes   $6
Organic multi-grain toast   $3
Gluten free toast   $3.50
Organic braised tofu   $5
Mennonite chicken breast   $5
Double smoked back bacon   $5
Italian chicken sausage   $6
Half avocado   $5
Organic cheddar$2.5
Extra egg (free-range)    $2
Side vegenaise   $1



All served with soup or cool hand slaw

Avocado, Parmesan, lemon pepper dressing, tomato, fresh basil, seasonal greens & vegenaise

Organic cheddar, homemade apple chutney, avocado, seasonal greens & vegenaise

Tamari-balsamic braised organic tofu, tomato, seasonal greens & vegenaise

Roasted free-range Mennonite chicken breast, creamy tarragon sauce, tomato, seasonal greens & vegenaise

Substitutions: Green salad   $2 Gluten free bread   $2

Sandwich only   $12
Tarragon chicken sandwich   $12
Add parmesan   $12
Add chutney   $12




We serve home made authentic Mexican Cafe de Olla, chilled coffee sweetened with cinnamon

Homemade Herbal Iced Tea, hibiscus and peppermint.

Smoothie made with beet, apple & ginger, soy milk, berries & hemp seeds.

Delicious orange-mango juice and beet, apple & ginger juice.

Chai Latte made with real chai tea.



If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please inform your server upon arrival and they will be able to suggest the best dishes for you.