Local, organic, seasonal. Inspired by flavours of Mexico.



Daytime menu



chilaquiles: corn chips tossed in an adobo sauce, organic black beans, 2 eggs over-easy, cheddar, served with slaw and roasted potatoes 16

all-day breakfast: 2 scrambled free-range eggs, organic multi-grain toast, served with slaw, roasted potatoes and our home-made hot sauce  12

breakfast sandwich: 2 over-easy free-range eggs, organic cheddar, tomato, vegenaise, served with slaw or roasted potatoes  13           sandwich only  9

add: italian chicken sausage  6          double smoked mennonite bacon  5                     slices of avocado  2     substitutions: green salad  2 gluten free bread  2

homemade granola: oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, dried cranberries, toasted coconut, served with Liberte yogurt, fresh fruit, real maple syrup  10


lunch salad: finely cut cabbage, cucumber, parsley, seasonal greens, grated beet. toasted pepitas and almonds, half an avocado in an apple cider, honey, curry, mustard house dressing, served with garlic crostini  15

daily soup: vegan or chicken stock, served with garlic crostini  cup 5  bowl 6.50


avocado parmesan: avocado, parmesan, lemon pepper dressing, tomato, fresh basil, seasonal greens, vegenaise  11

cheddar chutney: organic cheddar, homemade tomato apple chutney, avocado, seasonal greens, vegenaise  11

braised tofu: tamari-balsamic braised organic tofu, tomato, seasonal greens, vegenaise  11

tarragon chicken: roasted free-range mennonite chicken, creamy tarragon sauce, tomato, seasonal greens, vegenaise